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Nonferrous Mining Drives a Sustainable Future

MiningMinnesota is committed to benefiting our communities and advancing a sustainable future through responsible mining, processing, and domestic supply chain utilization of our mineral resources.

Driven by a diverse coalition of organizations, companies and individuals, MiningMinnesota works with local citizens, businesses and other organizations to bring growth and job creation to the state through responsible development of natural resources.

Minnesota – Our renewable future starts here.


With world-renowned mineral resources and industry-leading companies ready to mine safely and responsibly, Minnesota is positioned to become a major player in responsible mineral production. We respect our land and natural resources, and we’re ready to do our part to support the increased production of clean energy.

Sustainably exploring and developing the NorthMet and Mesaba deposits.


Twin Metals will explore underground mining in the Duluth Complex’s Maturi Deposit.


Talon’s Tamarack Project will explore copper, nickel and cobalt located in central Minnesota.


Responsible nonferrous mining impacts everyone. We all use critical minerals and metals in the products that make modern life and business possible. MiningMinnesota members pool their knowledge and resources to create a stronger voice for nonferrous mining. Will you add your unique perspectives and expertise to our cause?